Charlie Bramlet

Charlie Bramlet and his wife, Marilyn, at their home in Hayfork. Photo by Talia Herman.

Charlie Bramlet was born in Hayfork in 1940 and has been living and logging there the majority of his life. When the timber industry began to wane in Hayfork, Bramlet worked at several mills, moving from one to the next as they closed one by one. He eventually got a job at Sierra Pacific Industries and was working there when it closed.


Charlie Bramlet. Photo by Talia Herman.

To make ends meet, Bramlet did what many newly unemployed mill workers did and took a job out of town. He worked in Lincoln, CA, and made the eight-hour round trip commute home on the weekends. The distance was hard on his family.

“My daughter, we were putting the wood in the stove and doing all the things he would do and it was tough,” his wife Marilyn says, “It was really sad to be separated like that. My daughter used to bawl every time he left.”

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The Bramlets in their living room. Photo by Talia Herman.

He eventually got a job at the Watershed Research and Training Center, a natural resource management nonprofit that was founded to retrain loggers to implement sustainable logging, where he worked for several years. He and his wife still live in their home in Hayfork.