Open Interview Events

We want to hear your story! The Rural Stories Project is recording interviews with Hayfork Community members to create an archive of Hayfork life.

Join us to record interviews and see an exhibition of photographs and interview excerpts from the project. We will be hosting a series of open interview events where community members are welcome to come and participate in interviews about life, Hayfork and rural places. To participate in the interview process, come on your own to be interviewed, or come with someone special in your life you would like to interview. We will provide a variety of interview questions and we can help you create your own.

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Rural stories interview dates*

Saturday, August 26th 12-6pm, at the Eskaton Multi-Purpose Room

Sunday, August 27th 12pm-6pm, at Roderick Senior Center

Monday, August 28th, 12pm-6pm, at the Hayfork Park Clubhouse

*Interview time ranges from 20-40 minutes depending on conversation flow and number of questions. Interviews will be conducted on a first come, first serve basis unless you reserve a time slot. If you would like to reserve a time, or if you can’t make an open interview session but would still like to participate, contact Piper at 530-628-4206 or